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На тему 'I knew a woman once':

Примеры употребления наречия once с Past Simple, Present Perfect, and Past Perfect Tenses

Ellipsis (эллипсис - пропуск незначимого слова) normally happens
when an expression is used for a second time,
after the complete form has already been used once.
Once upon a time there was a beautiful princess.
Once upon a time there was a rabbit called Joe. He lived ...
Once we got the heater going the car started to warm up.
I once heard Brendel play all the Beethoven concertos.
I met the Prime Minister once.
I met my tutor once in MSLU - Moscow State Linguistic University.
Once you've passed your test I'll let you drive my car.
Once he had found somewhere to live he started looking for work.
Once you know how to ride a bike you never forget it.
My English tutor has been to New York once before.

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1. I left school. Then I went to America. (after)
After I left school, I went to America.

2. My English tutor did military service. Then he went to university. (after)
3. You were reading a newspaper. I was writing a letter. (while)
4. I get older. I get more optimistic. (as)
5. I start work. Mary always arrives soon after that. (just as)
6. Don’t forget to signal. You are turning right. (when)
7. You’ve passed your test. I’ll let you drive my car. (once)
8. I’ve known her. We were at school together. (since)
9. You’re not going home. You’ve finished that report. (till)
10. I left home. I began to understand how important my family was. (not until)

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1. Once you ____ how to ride a bike you never forget it.
A. know  B. knew  C. will know

2. We _____my parents every week since we bought the car.
A. had visited  B. will  visit C. visit

3. It will be ages until we _____ again.
A. will meet  B. are meeting  C. meet

4. After our English tutor _____ school, he went to America
A. had finished    B. has finished  C. would finish

5. He was watching TV ____ the burglar alarm went off.
A. when B. after  C. since

6. Don’t get off a bus ____ it is still moving
A. whenever B. while C. until   D. before

7. Until I ____ in Africa, I had never known hot weather.
A. lived  B. had lived  C. live

8.  I’d like to go for a walk once the rain ____
A. has stopped  B. stopped  C. will stop

Расскажите по-английски об отношениях котёнка и птенца.
Кто кого боится больше?
Use the idiom as good as pie
очень хороший, симпатичный; благонравный, паинька
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Your tutor's suggested answers:
1.А  2.С  3.C  4.A   5.A  6.B  7.A  8.A

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